Nurse Practitioner Nutritional Counseling

        Our nurse practitioner will assess each client and prescribe the  most effective  medication and supplements to ensure safe and quick results.   Each client will be re-evaluated every month by our medical staff and the program will be altered to initiate the best results possible.

          Our clients will receive a nutritional assessment and customized diet packet.  Our goal is to provide the resources to clients that will enable them to maintain optimal health for life.  We also offer nutritional supplements and products to aid our clients is healthy weight loss success.

Ginger Dailey, Family Nurse Practitioner

Ginger Dailey graduated from East Carolina University with a double major in Nursing and English. She traveled the country after graduation, working as an intensive care nurse in health care shortage areas. Her intensive care nursing experience includes: cardiac, trauma, burn, neuro, and surgical.

Ginger earned a Master’s degree from the University of Southern Maine certifying her as a Family Nurse Practitioner in 2003. She has since helped open a family practice office in Boone, NC. Although she provides broad based care, her specialty is women's health. She approaches primary care from a holistic point of view, concentrating on both body and mind. She currently co-owns and practices in medically based weight-management clinics in North Carolina. Ginger works under the supervision of Dr. Michael Trombley.